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Hotel Biser-Pag Island

Address: A.G.Matosa 8, 23250 Pag, Pag Island, Pag, Croatia
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Hotel Biser-Pag Island

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Hotel restaurant ''Biser'' is located close to the beach and it is only about 15 min of easy walk from the ancient center of the town of Pag. The Hotel Biser offers number of services and facilities, such as: conference room, banquet facilities, bar, fax/photocopying, Internet access and Internet corner, private parking, rent a bike, money exchange, laundry, baby sitting (upon request) and room service. Additional facilities include children's playground, safe at reception desk, tennis court and TV lounge. Our professional and friendly staff is always ready to give you tourist information and organize you a visit to some of the local attractions. The Hotels has 20 rooms and 50 beds. Each room is air conditioned, equipped with a bathroom, 54 channel TV, balcony/terrace, hair dryer, safe, direct telephone and ventilation. Its comfortable air-conditioned restaurant with an open terrace surrounded by subtropics plants offers an excellent atmosphere both in summer and winter. Here you can enjoy some typical dishes from the island of Pag, great variety of other Croatian specialties, fresh sea food and fish and all sorts of grilled dishes. No pets allowed.

Please note, we have a 21 day Cancellation Policy. A pre-payment is also required.
In case of cancellations with lesser notice or no-show, 100% of the cost will be charged.

Once you have confirmed your booking the hotel will preauthorize your card for the balance due. In the unlikely event that your card cannot be preauthorized for the remaining amount you will receive an email notifying you of this.

You must reply to this notification with valid credit card details within 3 days.
Failure to do so may result in cancellation of your booking.

Please note that your card will be charged the full amount 21 days prior to arrival date and the charge will appear on your card as Travelmed Hotels Group.

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ALPINISM ON THE ISLAND In certain parts of the island the rocks are highly lifted, vertical. The thousands of years of long exposure to Bora have created unusual shapes. The rock-climbing enthusiasts can enjoy climbing the steep part of St. Vid hill and the rocks above the beach Rueica, in the north-west side of the bay of Pag. There are special marks for rock-climbing in these mentioned places. CYCLING The beauty of the landscape and the variety of the tracks for the bikers will satisfy every person in want of an active vacation. The combination of cycling, swimming, diving, windsurfing and rock-climbing will not leave anyone indifferent. Only 5 or 10 km away from a village, you will find yourself surrounded by untouched nature. Many tourists visit Pag in July and August, therefore it is advisable to avoid riding a bike on the main roads during these two months. However, all the other months belong to the cyclists, who have at their disposal an infinite number of combinations between bike tracks and main roads. Regardless of the duration of your vacation, there will not be enough time to travel over all the tracks. Especially memorable are the rides through Pag in May when lavender in bloom transforms the island to a surreal purple world, and when all the stories about the extraterrestrial visitors get a new dimension. Everyone who sets out for a trip around the island has to wonder for a moment where he or she is, amazed by the variety of the scenes that this island offers. DIVING Pag�’s bay is suitable and safe for diving, especially in its shallow and middle parts. Sea currencies are not strong and there are no great oscillations in the sea temperature. However, diving is not recommended at the exit of the bay of Pag because of the strong currencies and no shelter in the case of a storm. The bottom of the bay of Pag is mostly sandy, but there are some stone cuttings in its middle part called �“po�šte�”. It is a name for the fishing spots. The underwater landscape along the shore is so intriguing that it offers a special experience to divers. There are many recesses, holes and even small caves that are interesting to the lovers of the underwater photography. During summer, several diving schools operate in Pag. Namely, diving in the bay of Pag, as much as safe, can be dangerous for the inexperienced. On the west side of the bay of Pag there are many sorts of clams. Penn-shell is one of them but it is strictly forbidden to take it out. It is a pearl-shell which can grow up to one meter. The submarine world of Caska is another interesting place for the divers because it is possible to see some parts of the submerged town. We recommend diving in the cove Slana to the experienced divers because of very attractive sea bed, full of unusual shapes, picturesque rocks, grown into high sea grass, small caves and a bigger one which should not be entered without an experienced diver. Everyone who wishes to practice diving in the bay of Pag requires a special permit that can be obtained at the Harbour master�’s office. Scuba diving with a spear fishing gun is not permitted. WATER SKIING In Pag�’s bay, the zone where passing of the speed-boats is allowed is narrow. They have to stay at least 300 meters away from the shore. Otherwise they represent a threat to the swimmers. The bay of Pag is a marvelous place for water skiing. One can ski round, remaining close to the beach and the town. That is why the bay of Pag is favorable for the beginners. The best time for skiing is when the sea is calm, meaning early morning until the early afternoon. Our recommendation is to start from the main beach towards the bay Zrce or Caska, if you are skiing in the morning, that is, form Bo�šana or Dubrava towards Ba�šaca, cape St. Nikola or the main beach if you decide to ski in the afternoon. Namely, in this way you will avoid the sunlight getting in your eyes. JET SKI During summer, the main beach offer includes ski-jets. Riding the ski-jets is extremely fun and completely harmless knowing that there are no extreme shallows and rocks in the bay of Pag that could endanger the ride. The best time to set forth for a ride is early afternoon when light Maestral begins to blow. Slight waves cause jumping and twisting of the ski jet and therefore a diverting ride. It is forbidden to approach the shore with a ski-jet. Drive carefully even when you are far away from the shore; be aware of the situation around you, to avoid the swimmers and boats on your way. SURF The researches conducted in the period from 1998 to 2001, showed that winds blow 350 days in a year in Pag. Therefore, the bay of Pag is a real paradise for the windsurfers. At the same time safe and challenging. In summer afternoons, usually blows light wind called Maestral, suitable for the surfers which do not incline to madcap stunts. In late afternoons, Maestral grows stronger so one can surf faster and even make a whole trip around the bay. Burin is the wind blowing from the north, stronger than Maestral, somewhat colder and therefore more pleasant during summer, and allows faster windsurfing. When Maestral or Levant (east wind) blows, it is best to begin windsurfing from the main beach or Ba�šaca. However, when Burin blows, then it is best to start from Vodice or the cape St. Nikola towards Pag. Windsurfers have at their disposal many beautiful beaches for making a break. We advise avoiding the channel that joins the bay of Pag with the channel of Velebit because it is hard to get out of that area (even to the more experienced surfers) in cases of sudden storm, bora or tramontana. City of Pag is located on one of the biggest islands of the Adriatic coast. Landmarks and distances from points of interests: The Old town of Pag is located one kilometer from the town centre. So called Stari grad used to be a big and rich town, fortified by strong walls. A village named Ko�šljun, on the west side of the island, was its port. Exploiting of the salt was the main occupation. There are numerous ruins of the old houses and the remains of the walls, roads and fortresses in the Old town. However, the best preserved are the parts of the Franciscan monastery and the Romanic church of Holy Mary. The church is mentioned for the first time in 1192. Caska is the territory on the extreme west end of the bay of Pag. It abounds in beautiful beaches. One can refresh in the villages nearby: Caska, Kusti�i, Zubovi�i and Metajna. It can be reached by boat or by car. It is approximately seven nautical miles from Pag. St. Juraj�’s peak is located on a hill to the northwest of the town of Pag. It is easily recognizable from afar, because of a square structure on the top of it. Many historians believe there had been a hill-fort, a settlement of Neolithic people. However, the researcher Petar Ferdebar wrote in his book �“Hiperija�” that St. Juraj�’s peak could be the shrine of the goddess Athena. St. Juraj�’s peak can be reached on foot. The easiest way is to start from Ba�šaca because the climb is not steep and it is relatively short. St. Juraj�’s peak gives magnificent view of Podvelebitski channel, mountain Velebit, the beach Malin and the bay Slana. VIDIKOVAC - GRADAC On the road from Pag to Novalja, after having climbed the hairpin bend, to the left, there is the belvedere Vidikovac. A sweeping view of the town is clearly visible from this plateau and many tourists use the occasion for taking photographs. Gradac is next to Vidikovac. There was a settlement of the Neolithic people here. The arrival of the enemies was easily controlled from this place. There are no many clearly visible remains on Gradina, but the place is very interesting and it offers a breathtaking view of Pag. Gradina was a part of the communicational transversal of the ancient man who travelled from the hinterland of Zadar, over Pag further to the northern part of Kvarner and Gorski Kotar hunting for food. Gradac is also interesting because of the investigations, conducted in order to explore the possibilities of the exploitation of gold in the 19th century. The stone was panned for that purpose. However, the research was suspended for unknown reasons at the beginning of the 20th century, in spite of the information that gold (in form of grains and dust) has been found. FORTICA Near the bridge of Pag (Ljubacka vrata), on the east end of the island are the remains of a former fortress. This was the point of patrolling and controlling the traffic of the ships. According to a legend, the settlers of Pag had seen the King Bela IV from the fortress, when he took refuge from the enemy in these parts. Fortica is located in a special landscape- sharp, bare rocky ground that resembles the surface of the Moon. It offers a beautiful view of Ljubacka vrata and the sea of Vir. PAG�’S TRIANGLE Pag�’s triangle is the name for an unusual imprint on the rocky ground, discovered on the hill Tusto �elo, in May 1999. Tusto �elo is located northwest of the town of Pag, not far from the ferry port �Žigljen. It is a phenomenon, which attracts the attention of believers, alternative researchers of history and the UFO investigators. The geological researches have shown that the rocks inside Pag�’s triangle are brighter than those outside of it are, and that after being exposed to the UV rays they emit red. The red colour is the proof that the rocks inside the triangle have been thermally treated. It is presumed that this imprint was made 12 000 years ago. Finding the triangle is relatively easy since there are signposts indicating the way from �Žigljen and Novalja to the hill Tusto �elo. Around 30.000 people from around the world have visited Pag�’s triangle since it has been discovered. VELO BLATO Velo blato is situated 10 km south of Pag. An asphalt road heading for Povljana can reach it. Velo blato is a protected Ornithological reserve of wading birds. This is the last place of this kind in Europe where this particular kind of birds flies down on their way to the South. There are freshwater fish in the lake of Velo blato Velo blato was one of the first fish farms in Europe, adapted for this purpose by the family Ko�šcina. MALO BLATO This freshwater lake is situated approximately 10 km away from the town of Pag. The institutions in authority declared it a special ornithological reserve. BLATO ROGOZA Blato Rogoza is located near the village Kolan, on the western part of the island. It has been declared an ornithological reserve of protected wading birds, as well. SVETI VID Sv. Vid (342 m) is the highest point of the island. It offers a magnificent view of the island and its surroundings. It is located to the west of the town of Pag. The best place to start the climb is from the grove Dubrava. There is a sign pointing to the climb, but even when one is unable to find it, one can start the climb from any point at the foot of the hill since the path is not very difficult. �ŠESTAKOVCI This is a group of cliffs on the north side of the island, towards the Velebit. They can be reached only by boat. They are six nautical miles away from Pag. Not far from �Šestakovci, there is a beautiful and pleasant beach with thick shade and an improvised port for small boats in case of storm. The local waters are favourable for fishing. SLANA BAY The cave Slana can be reached by boat or on foot from Barbati. It s located on the northwest part of the island, at the edge of Pa�ška vrata, that is to say, of the entrance to the bay of Pag from the side of Velebit. Slana has beautiful, long spacious, sandy beaches. Especially impressive is the visual experience of the flat, bare cliffs that rise vertically from the sea. Slana is also suitable for fishing. SVETI DUH This is an extremely peaceful area with spacious meadows and long beaches. The seabed is covered in fine sand. The springs of water exist on many beaches. Sv. Duh is 5,5 nautical miles distant from Pag, and 15 km by road.


- Meeting Facilities - Outdoor Terraced Area
  • - Included
  • - Free Parking
Business Centre:
  • - Photocopying/Fax Service
- Bar
- Restaurant - Hair Dryer
- Air Conditioning - Safe Deposit Box
- Laundry/Dry Cleaning - Luggage Storage
- 24 Hour Reception - Currency Exchange