Halloween is a great time of year to take a break as it allows for a well deserved break since your summer getaway, and it will tide you over on your holiday fix until the festive season. If you fancy taking a break this Halloween then why not visit somewhere that embraces this spooky time of year either through its haunting history or its present day celebrations.


Book a Prague B&B Popular all year round for its ancient architecture and historical sites, it's no wonder that Prague is often regarded as one of Europe's most haunted cities, mainly because of its varied history. Within the city walls of Prague it is thought that many spirits and ghosts roam the streets, along with water goblins under the Charles Bridge! In fact the Charles Bridge, one of Prague's top attractions, once held the heads of ten executed lords in the Middle Ages. It is thought that these lords still haunt the bridge today.

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Book an Edinburgh B&B The beautiful architecture and cobbled stone streets of Edinburgh are accompanied with some spooky and haunting tales from the cities past. Take a 'Ghost Tour' of Edinburgh, many of which you will find along the Royal Mile, where great tour guides will take you through the streets of the Scottish capital. And after you hear the dark tales from the past on the streets, you then get to experience Edinburgh's spooky underground vaults.

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New York

Book a New York B&B While New York has a varied and sometimes spooky past we've included The Big Apple on this list because of its world famous annual Halloween parade. Every Halloween, New York's Greenwich Village is taken over with ghosts, ghouls and performances as the parade takes to the streets and covers a route of over a mile. There are floats, dance routines, circus acts and more who take over the streets for this cultural event which draws over two million spectators.

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Book a Venice B&B Often regarded as one of Europe's most romantic locations, Venice has a spooky past that many visitors are unaware of. Venice locals will be able to tell you of many scary happenings over the years taking place around the city. In fact, many will shy away from certain alleyways and streets after dark because of these ghostly tales.

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Book a Venice B&B York is regarded as England's spookiest city with a record number of ghostly sightings and hauntings in the area over the years. You can take a 'Ghost walk' through the area where guides will lead you through the old passageways or 'snickleways' and medieval buildings. Along the tour they detail York's haunting past and get tourists spooked with tales of recent ghostly going-ons.

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By: Tracy Lynch

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