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Langzhong Niejia Guesthouse

No. 95 South Street

小院位äoZé˜ä¸­å¤åyZæ ¸å¿fåOEoï¼^å-è¡-95号)ï¼OE距å-é-¨åyZ楼仅100ç±³ï¼OEåoe°çä½ç½®çs"优è¶S性ï¼^å'¨è¾¹çs"æ-…游景ç'¹ä¹y只éoe€ä¸€é¦-æ­OEçs"æ-¶é-´ï¼‰ï¼OE是家åo­åo游ï¼OEèfOEåOE…客们çs"æoe€ä½³é€‰æ<©ã€'小院çs"经营者是å½"åoe°è‰oæoe¯å®¶ï¼OEåoe¨ å°é™¢æ‰"造ä¸Så^«å…·ä¸€æ ¼ï¼OEåOE å¿fç<¬è¿ã€'åOEæ-¶ä½oeä¸oè‰oæoe¯äo¤å<çs"平台ï¼OE经营者å¸OEæoe>æoe‰æ>´å¤så¿-åOEé"å^çs"æoe<å<来小院ås客ï¼OEè°^è‰oæoe¯ï¼OEå"èOE-ã€'马ä¸Sè"ç³»æ^'们吧ï¼OEæ^'们å°ç«­å°½å…¨åS>ä¸o每一个入住çs"客äoo提ä¾>æoe€ä½³çs...

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